Saturday, November 28, 2015

Spiced Vegan Apple Turnovers

These are super easy for all skill levels, Something fast to whip up if you need it, Best eaten on the first day if you like them crispy.

1 large Tin Pie Apple (can use fresh just cook down)
3 Tbsp Brown sugar
2-3 tsp Cinnamon
Sheets of frozen puff pastry (1sheet makes 2-3 turnovers depending on size)
1 chilled can Coconut Cream water removed
Icing sugar for sweetness and decoration 

1. Add the cinnamon and brown sugar to the apple and stir well and leave.
2. Once the pastry has thawed enough cut it in to 3 strips and fold each piece over to see how they will look.
3. Open them up and add a dessert spoon of apple filling to each only on center on one half.
4. fold them back over and press down all three sides firmly or using a fork pinch each side to seal.
5. Place in pre heated oven at 170C, around 325°F and gas mark 3 till golden brown and crisp.
6. Set aside to cool, and start whipping the coconut cream with a Tbsp of icing sugar till fluffy and stiff.
7. Once the turnovers are completely cooled, pipe the cream into each and Enjoy!   =)

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