Monday, November 23, 2015

Vegan Pizza Pockets

Went for something different for lunch today, I haven't had Pizza Pockets in years and when I did have them they weren't anything special, I changed that!

Makes approx 13

Pizza Dough
4 Vegan BBQ Sausages sliced
1 small red Capsicum
1 small Onion Sliced
Tomato paste
Fresh Moxarella Cheese Recipe I go to
herbs for top

Preheat oven 170C roll out the dough and cut into 13-14 squares.

Roughly flatten out one piece and add some tomato paste then some cheese and about 4-5 pieces of sausage a small amount of onion and capsicum, I prefer pineapple on mine so I left off capsicum,

Bring up all four corners and pinch together crimping a seal at the bottom to help it to stay closed...some will burst open if they are too full.
Continue to do all of them and brush with oil or spray and sprinkle with herbs.
Put them in to the oven till golden brown and sound hollow when tapped.  Enjoy!!  =) 


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