Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vegan "KFC" Gravy

This tastes just like KFC gravy only much better, It's our family favorite gravy, Its also fool proof and will replace any store bought packet gravy.

1/4 cup Plain Flour
1-1/2 cup Vegetable or Chicken Stock (I use massel vegetable it's vegan)
1 cup Soy Milk

1/4 cup Vegan Butter
white pepper to taste (need a good few shakes)

In a medium sauce pan, Add butter till melted and add flour, Stir well over medium heat to cook the flour taste out about 2-3mins. Take pot of stove and whisk in the milk till all the lumps are gone and add the stock water, Continue to whisk and put back on stove till it starts to thicken, This will last 4-5 days in the fridge if you can stay away from it, Great over mashed potatoes ;)  Serves approx. 6.    Enjoy!   =)

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