Sunday, May 24, 2015

Granola bars

As a follow-on from my last post Pumpkin Crunch, I thought I could go down the same lines as it with these, And they turned out great!

Makes approx 8 Bars
2 cups Granola or oven baked Muesli I used This
1/4 cup Organic Rice Syrup
1 Tbsp Raw Sugar

Pre-heat oven to 170C and line a small slice tin with baking paper, In a bowl add the granola, In a small saucepan add the rice syrup and sugar bring to a biol and turn off when sugar has dissolved, Pour the very hot liquid over the dry ingredients and mix well to coat, Pour in to the slice tin and pop in to the oven for 10-15mins. Take it from the oven and leave on a bench to cool at room temperature for 1 hr, Cut in to bars (it is very hard) or break into chunks.  Enjoy!  =)

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